Estate Maintenance Program for Long-Term Care of Your Grounds

DoubleGreen’s Estate Maintenance program provides you with specialized long-term care for your landscaping to keep your property looking pristine. Landscape maintenance is essential on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

Under the expert eye of our specialized management, each maintenance program is tailored to meet every client’s requirements and budget on an individual basis. In addition to general upkeep of your grounds, DoubleGreen helps you optimize and maintain an irrigation system that is fitting for your landscaping. Ensuring that the appropriate amount of water is being used in the right places is not only eco-friendly, but also saves you money.

Available Services

DoubleGreen Landscapes prides itself in adapting to any client request. The following list represents examples of our suite of services. If you require something not listed, please contact us.

  • Project Management with a full-time team, 5 days a week
  • Maintenance of irrigation systems
  • Botany, feeding and fertilization needs
  • Organic edible gardens, in collaboration with Farmscape
  • Fresh flower arrangements from the garden
  • Exterior furniture maintenance (staining and sealing if needed)
  • Arborist services
  • Exterior furniture coverage during rains
  • Interior plant/Orchid installation and maintenance
  • Plant replacement when necessary
  • Pool/Tennis Court services (optional)
  • Fire wood stock (optional)
  • Car washing (optional)
  • Exterior Paint Maintenance

Sheri Sinclair

Estate Manager

Sheri has earned her soil-up understanding of a garden through years of education and experience. With a degree in Horticulture and Organic Garden Farming from UC Santa Cruz, a Master’s Degree in Earth Sciences and master’s work from the Green Gulch Zen Center in Sausalito for Organic Farming and Gardening, she has an astute understanding of how the components of a healthy estate (plants, soil, and irrigation) interact with each other as well as having a sustainable, organic approach to a healthy garden that is safe for both the homeowner and the environment.