5 Ways To Make Your Pool Area More Beautiful

Designer landscaping for pools is important part of your homes attractiveness. Using natural materials like wood, stones and native plants add to the overall design-value of your pool area. Having a beautiful, refreshing, peaceful, and inviting pool area is something that does not have to cost you much. Here are a few steps you can take to improve the appearance of your pool area:

1.    Seating

While at the pool, you would not want to spend the whole time in the water. Sometimes it’s good to just sit around the pool and watch the water as you while the day away. That is where pool seats come in. The seats you have around your pool should have a classy design that blends well with your home’s aesthetic and décor. They should also be made of durable and waterproof material to protect them against the elements. Apart from the seats, you also need a good tablet to enjoy your snack while sitting around the pool.

Also, think about adding some loungers. They are great for people who want to lie down and enjoy the sun while they relax with a book.

2.    Ambient Lighting

If you have an in-ground pool, you must have some light already. However, that does not stop you from adding some attractive lighting features to make the area more relaxing and beautiful. If you like swimming or hanging around the pool, get a technician to install well-designed lighting hardware for you. Perfect lighting around the pool is excellent for nighttime cocktails, BBQs, and more. If electricity bills are your concern, think about installing solar-powered lights. Choose lighting installations that suit your style and taste.

3.    Landscaping

Landscaping is important when you want to make your pool area more welcoming. Think of flowers, small, well-trimmed trees, attractive ground covers, and native shades. Also, think about using natural materials like wood and stones to add to the design of your pool area. When it comes to landscaping, it is best to deal with experts. At DG Landscapes, we understand what your pool needs. We are award-winning and experienced landscapers specializing in pool design, construction, and maintenance. We deal with all kinds of projects, whether residential, hospitality, historical, or commercial.

4.    Water features

Apart from the water in the pool, you need to add another water feature like a fountain or waterfall. Nothing is more soothing than hearing the sound of water. A waterfall is luxurious, but it requires the hands of an expert to design it. Experts like to have the water flow over rocks or run down a wall in a sheet. Having jets is another way of adding visuals around the pool. You can make them adjustable to produce different distances, heights, and streams.

5.    Plants

Plants and water work together to create an inviting environment. Plants can increase the beauty and aesthetics of your pool area. Whether you use potted plants or plant trees, make sure you choose attractive plants.

Before choosing the type of trees to plant, consider your region’s climate, and do not go for complex or expensive plants. Also, avoid trees that shed their leaves easily because they can dirty your pool area. Ideally, it would help if you had a variety of plants. Even so, the plants should complement the design and theme of your existing landscape and home.

If you aren’t sure about which plants to choose, you can contact Double Green Landscapes. We are landscaping experts and will help you select the best plants for your pool area.


Indeed, there are many ways to enhance your pool area and make it more attractive and relaxing. If you feel your pool area needs a facelift before spring/summer begins, you can contact Double Green Landscapes via our contact details. One of experts will be available to help design your dream landscape.



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